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Motor Valuation

Motor valuation is important for many reasons – the most obvious of these is insurance coverage. When it comes to vehicle insurance, you need to know the current market valuation of your car. You don’t want to be caught with an underinsured vehicle in the event of an accident. You shouldn’t waste higher premiums on a car or bike that’s dropped in market price either.  This is where we come in. Just have all the important registry documents on hand when you drive over and leave the rest to us.

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Mechanical Reports

These are different from motor valuations. A mechanical report assesses whether or not your car is ready to hit the road. Speed wobbles, broken tail lights, malfunctioning gears, missing rear-view mirrors, tyres without pressure check or grip assessment, axle misalignment – all of these can ruin more than just your motor valuation. To keep yourself or your loved ones safe on the road, you need a targeted report that does more than just determine market price, as motor valuation is a specialised service. Trust us to check your ride thoroughly!

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Quality Assessment

It isn’t as easy as doing a motor valuation or mechanical report either. There are many cases when various other aspects might affect motor valuation. Apart from minute component damage, you might just be driving a vehicle with the wrong registry information. Jamaica is plagued by sub-par imports and registry frauds that can damage your credit-worthiness and risk your life. You can trust us for assessments that check up on what most motor valuations and even overall mechanical reports don’t detect.

Secure yourself against accidents and vehicle insurance frauds.

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